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„High-quality products since 1998“

The company EURA-DÖNER has specialized in the production of high-quality doner kebab products of all varieties and sizes since 1998. The high quality standards of our customers represent a daily challenge that we are utterly committed to. The basis for our success is the effective and conscientious work of our employees, who do everything they can to impress our customers.


Our production site in Hof fulfills the latest production and hygiene standards for meat processing. The optimal conditions are guaranteed here for the production of high-quality doner kebab products in keeping with all hygiene standards.


Our EURA-DÖNER products fulfill all EU guidelines and standards as well as HACCP provisions (HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) with respect to production, storage, transport and hygiene.


Trust in our many years of experience and expertise. Don’t put up with sub-standard service!