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„Quality is no accident!“

Institut PieldnerOur production facility is subjected to comprehensive surveillance and control. This is done in accordance with the required statutory standards, by the veterinary office in charge as well as on voluntary basis, by the independent, accredited INSTITUTE PIELDNER. By this means, we are able to meet the quality standards that we set ourselves. EURA-DÖNER Quality Standard is verified through internal and external auditing and confirmed on regular basis. Our HACCP concept is objective, comprehensible and valuable to our routine and daily work.


That is what we have committed ourselves to as a matter of conviction, towards our clients and large-scale customers such as DAIMLER, ALCATEL, SIEMENS, EUREST Deutschland-Compas Group.


EURA-DÖNER products are produced in accordance with the latest efficient production methods. For example, a filling machine has been developed that enables the thickness and diameter of EURA-DÖNER slices to be measured precisely down to the last millimeter and gram. A real innovation – and not just in Germany!


Our suppliers are carefully selected by us and are all audited companies. The veal, beef, turkey and chicken meat is subjected to quality checks and is then processed in careful stages and transformed into EURA-DÖNER’s familiar and popular products through the use of special, traditional recipes.


All manufacturing processes are documented in full by our modern production technology and quality assurance systems. This means we can guarantee the traceability of all products – from the slaughtered animal to the finished doner kebab.