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„Public opinion: doner kebabs = fast food?“

Doner kebab products are still wrongly classified as “fast food” and thus viewed as quick and unhealthy.


Unlike other types of snacks, doner kebab products represent a balanced and wholesome meal.


Depending on the percentage of meat and sauce, a normal doner kebab contains some 600 to 700 calories. Doner kebabs made from chicken or turkey contain fewer calories (approx. 500 – 600).

Nutritionally speaking, the salad component served with all variants is also a positive factor. As a meal, doner kebabs comply with the principle of food combining.


Alongside all the calorie counting and debates on the theme of “fast food”, it is important to remember that doner kebab products make for meals at great prices. As a wholesome meal for the whole family, doner kebabs are very favorably priced.